Ballroom Dancing

DSC_0295The members of Jaden Street Jazz have honed their skills over the past few years to become one of Indianapolis’ premier Ballroom Dance Bands. Each member has studied Ballroom Dancing and understands the subtleties of the many musical styles and how it relates rhythmically to the dancer. A typical Jaden Street Jazz Ballroom Set would consist of various dance styles ranging from the easier Fox Trot, Rumba, Waltz, Tango, and East and West Coast Swings to the more complex Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha, Salsa, and Mambos. These styles, as they are performed, transition smoothly from genre to genre with only seconds between songs. Each song selection is edited to be a comfortable 3 minutes in length. A Jaden Street Jazz Ballroom Set is designed with the dancer in mind, to keep them energized and on the dance floor the entire evening!


Here are a sampling of our ballroom clips with their respective “measures per minute”.


Arthur’s Theme (Night Club 2 Step) 36 mpm

Boogie Wonderland (Hustle) 30 mpm
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Tango) 30 mpm
Charade (Viennese Waltz) 55 mpm  
A Child Is Born (Waltz) 30 mpm
Fly Me To the Moon (Fox Trot) 31 mpm
Girl From Ipanema (Rumba) 30 mpm
Got To Get You Into My Life (East Coast Swing) 35 mpm
Jazz Salsa (Salsa) 51 mpmPennsylvania Polka (Polka) 62 mpm
Route 66 (Jive) 45 mpm
Shadows in the Moonlight (West Coast Swing) 30 mpm
So Nice (Samba) 52 mpm
Take My Breath Away (Bolero) 24 mpm
The Big Cigar (Mambo) 47 mpm
Tea for Two (Cha Cha) 30 mpm
That a Girl Chad (Quickstep) 50 mpm